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Garmin 172  

Garmin GPSMAP 178C

Garmin 178C Color Fishfinder GPS Combo

Color Fishfinder GPS Sounder

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Garmin 178 Color Fishfinder GPS Combo

The GPSMAP® 178C Sounder is a new-generation fully integrated chartplotter and powerful sonar, offering the same brilliant sunlight-readable color LCD, powerful features, and simple interface as the GPSMAP 172C—all in a compact, value-priced console that leaves fish nowhere to hide.

It comes standard with a built-in worldwide marine basemap and accepts MapSource® BlueChart® offshore marine cartography—featuring detailed depth contours, inter-tidal zones, wrecks, navaids, and many other points of interest. For fresh-water anglers, the GPSMAP 178C Sounder is compatible with MapSource Recreational Lakes with Fishing Hot Spots—featuring fishing areas, boat ramps, marinas, and hazards for hundreds of popular U.S. and Canadian lakes. Pre-programmed data cards can be easily inserted into the slot on the front of the unit.


  • 320 x 320-pixel, 256-color CSTN screen with adjustable CCFL backlight

  • 3.2" W x 3.2" H (4.5" diagonal) viewing area

  • 6.3" x 4.9" x 3.7" (W x H x D) unit dimensions

  • State-of-the-art 200 MHz processor makes data acquisition, panning, and zooming virtually instantaneous

  • Choose either a dual-frequency 50/200 kHz transducer for offshore boating or a single-frequency 200 kHz transducer for inland lakes and bays

  • See-Thru® technology (which separates fish from thermoclines and structure) and Depth Control Gain (DCG®) for detailed images of structure and bottom densities

  • New digital display technology offers an easy-to-read, semi-transparent digital readout that allows users to see sonar images "behind" the data

  • User waypoints are automatically tagged with the date and time of creation, as well as water temperature and depth—vital information for serious anglers

  • 10,000 active track points and 700 saved track points; database information can be stored on removable data cards and transferred to a PC or another unit

  • Sends, receives, and displays positioning data with DSC equipped VHF radios

  • TracBack™ mode helps guide you back to points along a route

  • Tracklines can be color-coded for trolling or cruising applications

  • 500-watt (RMS) 4000-watt (PTP) output with dual-frequency transducer

  • 400-watt (RMS) 3200-watt (PTP) output with single-frequency transducer

  • Adjustable range, gain, zoom, and bottom lock

  • Temperature log maintains a graphical record of temperature data

  • Shallow-water, deep-water, fish-by-size, timer, low-battery-voltage, anchor-drag, arrival, off-course, proximity-waypoint, and clock alarms

  • Water temperature and fish ID with depth alarms

  • Full specifications below

  • Accessories are listed below.

Package Includes:

  • GPSMAP 178C Sounder with built-in Worldwide Marine Basemap

  • Remote antenna with 30’ cable or integrated GPS antenna

  • Power/data cable

  • PC cable with AC adapter

  • 1-knob, adjustable tilt and swivel mount

  • User’s manual

  • Quick-start guide


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