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Eagle FishEasy 320C 
Color Fishfinder

Eagle FishEasy 320C

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Eagle FishEasy 320C

The absolute brightest, most readable color TFT display in direct sunlight! Great target detail and separation! Compact case design and incredible low price!


  • Ultra-bright 3.5" (8.9 cm) diagonal screen
  • 256-color, active matrix TFT LCD
  • High-definition 320Vx240H resolution
  • White LED backlit screen and keypad
  • Simplified keypad
  • Overlay Data feature displays select digital readings over the sonar graph

  • Depth capability to 600 ft* (182 m) with 800 watts of peak-to-peak power (100W RMS)
  • High-performance, low-profile 200 kHz Skimmer® transducer with built-in temp sensor delivers up to 60° of fish detection area with high sensitivity settings - Operates at boat speeds up to 70 mph (61 kts)
  • Adjustable ping speed with automatic HyperScroll™ to display fish targets at higher boat speeds
  • Choice of special color display modes to help reveal fish hidden in underwater cover
  • FasTrack™ vertical bar flasher displays real-time sonar returns and relative strength of each target
  • Advanced Signal Processing (ASP™) automatically adjusts your settings for the best sonar picture
  • COLORLINE™ separates fish from nearby structure and bottom, and helps define bottom composition and hardness
  • Advanced Fish I.D.™ shows underwater targets in different sizes of fish symbols
  • FishTrack™ displays target depth readings above fish symbols
  • Surface water temperature readings come from a built-in temp sensor in the transducer
  • Zoom with zoom bottom tracking
  • Selective on/off sonar alarms: Shallow, Deep, Fish

  • Instant screen updates during depth range changes provide smooth, continuous underwater viewing
  • Internal back-up memory for key sonar settings
  • Rugged, reliable, completely sealed and waterproof casing, even for use in harsh saltwater environments
  • Full one-year warranty

Package includes fishfinder, transducer, power cable, and mounting gear.



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Last modified:  June 24, 2015

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