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Garmin 160 Blue Fishfinder   

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   Fishfinder 160 Blue

Garmin 160 Blue Fish Finder   


Garmin 160 Blue Fishfinder  

The Fishfinder Blue Series® is designed for offshore fishing enthusiasts. The Fishfinder 160 Blue operates at dual frequencies. With the 50/200 kHz transducer, you can reach greater depths and get a wider viewing area. And you will see those returns on a crisp, four-level grayscale screen for excellent separation and contrast. This seaworthy fishfinder is rugged and waterproof. But despite its tough exterior, it's extremely easy to operate, with features like a convenient adjustment bar that gives you access to the most commonly used fishing settings.

The Fishfinder 160 Blue boasts increased power and dual frequency of 50/200 kHz, which makes it ideal for the saltwater environment. Improved screen contrast and increased image update rate also set it apart from its freshwater counterpart.

From the outside, the Fishfinder 160 Blue will resemble the freshwater versions, with the size of the waterproof case and the keypad configuration remaining the same. The real changes can be found on the inside with increased power and upgraded displays. The Fishfinder 160 Blue brings 4000 watts power, peak-to-peak (500 RMS) and 160 x 160 pixels. The Fishfinder 160 Blue will also come standard with speed and temperature sensors.

The word is quickly spreading that Garmin, the company best known for GPS, is now also becoming the first name in quality fishfinders—regardless of whether your favorite fishing spot is the lake or the ocean.


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