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Lowrance X87 Fishfinder


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Lowrance X87 (with Temp)

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Out of stock and discontinued.

High-res, feature-packed, and affordable. The new X87 is a great LCD sonar performer and a great value!

View Points:
Super-sharp 5" diagonal (12.7 cm), 320 x 320 pixel, high-contrast Film SuperTwist LCD display

16-level gray scale definition and 102,400 total pixel resolution for remarkable target detail and separation, even in direct sunlight

Backlit screen and keypad for easy readability at night and in low-light conditions

Simplified keypad with Menu and Pages keys for easy on-screen features selection

Advanced new receiver design offers enhanced sensitivity and target detail, as well as greater resistance to electrical interference

Continuous digital depth and depth scale readouts; user-selectable upper and lower depth range limits

Transducer with Temp:
Standard X87 unit features high-performance, low-profile, transom-mount, 200 kHz Skimmer® transducer with built-in water surface temp sensor - that produces a wider, more effective fish identification area of up to 60 degrees when using high sensitivity settings. Operates at boat speeds up to 70 mph (61 kts)

X87 also available as head unit only with thru-hull, shoot-thru-hull, trolling motor, portable, and deep water transducer options for purchase

Performance Features:
True 1,500 watts peak-to-peak transmit power for depths to 800 feet* (244 m)

FasTrack™ full-screen flasher mode with GRAYLINE® displays instantaneous sonar returns, plus gives the relative signal strength of each target

When displaying actual sonar returns, FishReveal™ feature shows fish targets hidden by surface clutter, thermoclines, weed beds and other cover in 16 levels of gray scale

HyperScroll™ feature locates and displays fish targets at higher boat speeds

Patented GRAYLINE® separates fish and important structure, on or near the bottom, from the actual bottom, and defines bottom composition/hardness

Hands-free operation ease with Advanced Signal Processing (ASP™) that automatically adjusts all crucial sonar settings for the best possible picture in nearly all fishing situations

Selective on/off Advanced Fish I.D.™ feature shows underwater targets in different sizes of fish symbols based on the relative signal strengths of the return echoes

Selective on/off FishTrack™ feature displays target depth readings above each fish symbol as a guide for quick and precise lure presentations

Multi-range split-screen zoom and automatic bottom tracking with high-speed display updates during depth range changes for uninterrupted viewing

Instant zoom display ranges and zoom-bottom-tracking and easy zoom-in/out control

Unique display feature lets you combine a panel of sonar data readings with your sonar graph in one easy-to-read display

Selective on/off Shallow, Deep, Zone, and Fish alarms

Built-in back-up memory preserves sonar settings for years

Trolling speed and distance log-capable with purchase of optional sensor

Livewell and baitwell temp displays with purchase of optional sensors

High-impact cover protects screen and keypad when not in use

Completely sealed and waterproof for use even in harsh saltwater environments

Full one-year warranty

LCD Viewing Area - Diagonal: 5.0"/12.7 cm
Case Size - Height: 5.4"/13.8 cm Width: 6.9"/17.6 cm Depth: 3.4"/8.6 cm



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