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The Vexilar Edge LCD 507
Depth Finder / Fish Finder

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Why You Need The
The EDGE LCD Depth Finder / Fish Finder

The Edge LCD Depth Finder / Fish FinderFor Walleye, Bass, Crappie, or most any other find of fishing, the Edge LCD depth finder / fish finder is the clear leader. No other depth finder / fish finder can find and pinpoint fish and their structure better. Leading tournament anglers and professional guides around the country are discovering that the Edge will give them just that. Why?

The Edge is like having two depth finders in one. The features are designed to give the angler the best sonar for any situation. The split screen, dual frequency design allows you to compare one view with the other to help you gain much more information about what is below. It lets you see fish and fish structure like never before!

The dual frequency feature gives you an incredible advantage. The low frequency, 107 kHz, beam provides a wide cone with a lot of power. This allows you to see fish, as true arcs, as they pass under the boat. Also, it allows you to see breaks and structure off to the sides of you. The high frequency beam, 400 kHz, is an excellent compliment. It gives you a precise narrow beam for locating fish and sharp edges of structure that are directly under the boat.

By mounting the two transducers side-by-side and using these two beams together you will be able to locate fish, structure, identify bottom conditions, and even control your boat much better. Imagine following a weed line using the Edge. Simply keep the weeds within the wide beam, but outside the narrow beam.

The Edge is the Choice of Professional Angler Ron Lindner "Finally, a LCD that reads like a paper graph and you won't need to carry along the owner's manual to run it!"

Ron Lindner - Legendary Professional Angler

Ask Ron about the 507 yourself !

The Edge Is So Easy To Use

All of the important control features are right on the front panel. Range, gain, auto/manual, and clean line controls are only one button away. There are even separate controls for each screen. And with three feature presets you can quickly add or change any of the features to meet the new conditions.

Imagine fishing with mode preset #1, with all features set for slow trolling along a sharp break. Then you decide to move to a new spot. Hit the preset button to move you to the next feature setup, #2, that you have programmed for high speed operation (super fast sweep and higher gain). Now, down the lake you have found something interesting.  Move to the next feature setup, #3, that you have programmed for intense structure and fish finding (slower sweep speed, multiple echo view, fish alarm, and hard bottom alarm). Want your original settings back? Hit the mode button again to get you back to mode #1 again. Internal memory backup insures that all feature selection will be saved when the unit is shut off and disconnected from power.


Tommy George relys on the Edge for big crappies like these.  "I fish with the Vexilar Edge for results like this! Thanks Vexilar Edge."

Tommy George
Longtime Vexilar Pro Staff Member

The incredible features of the Edge are brought to life by a beautifully detailed LCD. The 320 x 240 multi level pixel display is near paper graph standards. Visibility on the brightest days and the darkest nights is unbelievable. The contrast control is even right on the front panel.

In addition to the innovative features, the Edge is a very high quality device. It comes with the best warranty and product support in the industry. With 2 year warranty coverage and quality service and support you are sure to get the most out of the Edge. Got a question or concern? One phone call is all it takes to quickly talk to a technician who can help with anything you need.

Want more info?
Download the Owners Manual

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