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Garmin Geko 101 GPS

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Geko 201
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Garmin Geko 101 GPS


Garmin Geko 101 GPS

A GPS for little investment!

Garmin Geko 101 GPS Description:

The colorful Gekos are the smallest and lightest waterproof GPS units to hit the market. Both the Geko 101and the Geko 201 are inexpensive and offer sleek, thin designs with simple operating systems.

With its sun-yellow case, the economical Geko 101 is perfect for navigational novices. Features such as one-touch waypoint marking make it a snap to use. Easily maneuver from one waypoint to the next using its 250-waypoint storage capacity with symbols, and pan along your track with PanTrackô.


  • Geko 101
  • Manual

Specifications for the Garmin Geko 101 GPS

Screen Samples for the Garmin Geko 101 GPS

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