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Garmin Minnesota LakeMaster ProMap
CD-ROM or Data Card

Minnesota Lakemaster

Garmin Minnesota LakeMaster ProMap

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Available in
CD-ROM or Data Card

Garmin Minnesota LakeMaster ProMap CD-ROM

Spend the day fishing, boating or just enjoying the water on hundreds of lakes and waterways in Minnesota. LakeMaster Minnesota has detailed coverage of over 3500 lakes with high definition depth contours and lake bottom information structure created from on-the-water surveys. LakeMaster maps also include rivers, streams, channels, islands, inlets, boat ramps and access points, hazards, aquatic vegetation, as well as full statewide road coverage.

Features Include:

  • Contains coverage of over 3500 lakes in Minnesota

  • Provides detailed shorelines and depth contours, including one-foot contours for many lakes

  • Structure and bottom information created from on-the-water surveys

  • Displays islands, reefs, points, bays, inlets, access points, boat ramps, and aquatic vegetation

  • Includes rivers, streams, and river and creek channels

  • Allows you to search by lake or by city

  • Includes interstates, highways, and general roads

Garmin Lakemaster Minnesota Data Card #010-C0185-00

Minnesota LakeMaster ProMap data puts the Land of 10,000 Lakes at your fingertips. With amazing bottom detail and three-foot contours, Minnesota LakeMaster is sure to help you key in on prime fishing locations in Minnesota.

Minnesota LakeMaster maps contain high-definition contours, structures, and bottom information created from meticulous on-the-water surveys. Lake detail includes islands, reefs, points, bays, access points and more. Your Garmin GPS will accurately place your boat on the map as well as show detailed tracklines and waypoints.

Minnesota LakeMaster coverage includes detailed maps for 72 of the most popular lakes in Minnesota plus general coverage for another 657 Minnesota lakes.


  • Detailed ProMap® coverage of 72 of the most popular fishing lakes in Minnesota

  • High definition depth contours

  • Underwater structures and hazards

  • Bottom information

  • Data created from on-the-water surveys

  • Detail includes islands, reefs, points, bays, access points, aquatic vegetation and more

  • Contains general coverage for over 657 additional lakes with information such as improved shoreline, depth contours, boat ramps, and more

  • Full road coverage statewide

  • Trip and waypoint management function lets you transfer waypoints, routes and tracks between your chartplotter or GPS and your PC

No longer available.


View Screen Shots and Coverage of the Minnesota LakeMaster ProMap data.

Screen Shots

Bottom Conditions - GPSMAP 172C

Bottom Conditions


Buoys - GPSMAP 172C



Contours - GPSMAP 172C



Lake Waconia - iQue 3600

Lake Waconia


Lake Waconia - PC

Lake Waconia


Leech Lake - GPSMAP 60C

Leech Lake


Leech Lake - PC

Leech Lake


Leech Lake - Route Example - GPSMAP 60C

Leech Lake


Leech Lake - Route Example - PC

Leech Lake


Mille Lacs - GPSMAP 172C

Mille Lacs


Mille Lacs - PC

Mille Lacs


Vermilion - GPSMAP 76



Vermilion - PC




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