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Lowrance GlobalMap 7000C

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GlobalMap 7000C

Lowrance Global Map 7000C

Big performance and a big value in an affordable new GPS+WAAS chart recorder featuring a 10.4" large-screen sunlight-viewable color display for the wide-open see.

Add a Navionics Chart!

Feature Components:

  • Compact LGC-12W GPS+WAAS receiver/antenna module

  • Exclusive MapCreate™ Custom mapping software1 on CDs covering the continental U.S. and Hawaii (see Chart Features segment)

  • One rewritable 16MB Multi-Media Card (MMC) memory card

  • MMC/SD memory card reader for PC with USB connector (parallel port connector optional)

Dynamic Display:

Superior resolution, multiple navigational screen choices, excellent detailed mapping, and the large-screen high definition display combine to make the GlobalMap® 7000C a valuable travel companion on land and water.  Optional Navionics® chart displayed.

  • High-brightness 10.4" diagonal (26.4 cm), 640 x 480 pixel, 256-color, full VGA liquid crystal TFT display - 307,200 total pixel resolution - for exceptional detail and visibility without glare, even in cockpits and flybridges exposed to sunlight

  • Programmable color palette to customize display to viewing preference

  • Brilliant fluorescent cold cathode backlit screen and keypad for easy readability at night and in low-light conditions

  • Menu and Pages keys for easy on-screen features selection

  • Multi full-screen and split-screen navigation charts and data display combinations

Innovative Memory Card Versatility:

Slots with waterproof doors below the keypad accept up to two compact, rewritable Multi-Media Cards (MMC) or Secure Digital (SD) memory cards2 that allow you to:

  • Record your GPS trip details - waypoints/events markers/trails/routes - for viewing on the unit, or loading to PC for archiving with MMC/SD card reader.

  • Load custom electronic charts on MMC or SD cards for navigational display (see Chart Features segment).

  • Easily install the latest feature enhancements with each new operating firmware release that you can download free from the Lowrance web site.

Chart Features:

  • GlobalMap® 7000c features the all-new, built-in Lowrance background map with enhanced detail to include over 60,000 critical nav aids and 10,000 wrecks and obstructions in U.S. coastal and Great Lakes waters. Also includes new land-based detail such as metro areas, select major streets/highways and interstate exit services for the continental U.S. and Hawaii.

  • Included MapCreate™ CD software lets you create unlimited, custom, detailed electronic charts on MMC or SD memory cards for navigational display, and features unique, searchable database3 of over 700,000 Points-of-Interest that includes marinas, boating-related services, and more.

  • Compatible with optional Navionics XL and HotMaps electronic charts on MMC cards for select domestic and international areas, featuring incredible detail including depth contour lines, real-time tide and current data, port locations with a searchable database of port services, and other important nav aids.

  • Add a Navionics Chart!

GPS+WAAS Features:

  • 12-parallel channel GPS reception with fast satellite lock-ons, precise tracking, and position updates every second

  • Selectable on/off WAAS reception for enhanced position accuracy to 3 m (under 10 ft) at select locations

  • High-speed chart screen updates

  • Mega-memory saves up to 1,000 waypoints, 1,000 event markers, and 100 routes (up to 100 waypoints per  route)

  • 10 savable plot trails with up to 10,000 points per trail

  • 42 graphic icons to mark your favorite spots

  • 37 chart ranges from .05 to 4,000 nautical or statute miles - and 36 ranges from .08 to 8,000 km - with easy zoom-in/out control

  • Selective on/off GPS alarms: Off Course, Arrival, and Anchor

  • DGPS compatible; interfaces NMEA 0183

Comfort Features:

  • Internal back-up memory keeps stored settings and GPS data safe and accessible for years

  • Man Overboard feature precisely marks MOB location with special icon, and displays return distance, bearing, track, speed, and estimated time enroute

  • External speaker output for remote monitoring GPS alarms

  • High-impact cover protects screen and keypad when not in use

  • Completely sealed and waterproof, even for use in harsh saltwater environments

  • Full one-year warranty


  • Display - Diagonal: 10.4"/26.4 cm

  • Case (with bracket) - Height: 9.1"/23.1 cm Width: 12.2"/31 cm Depth: 4"/10.2 cm

  • ZOUT/ZIN - These keys "zoom" the map in and out.

  • PAGES - This key switches the unit between different GPS modes.

  • WPT - Saves and recalls waypoints.

  • MENU - Press this key to show the menus and gain access to most functions.

  • EXIT - Clears menus and entries.

  • ENT/ICONS - Used to select entries and accept menu selections. When a menu is not showing, pressing this key activates the ICON menu.

  • PWR/LIGHT - Turns the unit on and off.  When the unit is on, pressing this key turns the back-lights on or off.

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