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Navionics Premium North Screen Shots

These were taken on my LMS-332C on my digital camera and the quality of the image is very poor.  The image on the actual screen is much, much better but this is the best I could do on my camera.  For better images you can email sales@navionics.com and ask them to send you screen shots for your lake or river.


Lock and Dam #4


Mississippi River near Buffalo City

The map shows some depth contours as you zoom in but it did not show up on the camera.

Mille Lacs Lake

You can see how Reefs and Flats are well marked.  Depth contours get very defined as you zoom in.


West Battle Lake, MN

This pic demonstrates how vegetation appears on the color unit, and 
how well you can quickly identify points, humps, and holes.


Clitherall Lake, MN

Again, points, flats, and other structure is easy to identify.
Remember that the pics are blurred from the camera and are very clear on the GPS unit.

The following pics from the Lowrance 330C Product Emulator.
Again, the clarity of the pic is poor but you can at least get a sense of the detail.

Upper Mississippi River near I94


Lake Oahe


Lake Sharpe at 1/4 NM
Trees are marked in middle of lake.

If you have any questions about electronic maps, please email Wade at jollyann@cableone.net.


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Last modified:  June 24, 2015

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