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Standard Horizon Quantum VHF Radio

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Standard Horizon Quantum VHF Radio

Color - Black

30W PA/Fog with Listenback, able to use up to 2 Enhanced RAM+ microphones, Oversized knobs and LCD Removeable Microphone, Huge Speaker Audio, Up to 2 station intercom, DSC Distress, All ships and Position Polling compatible with STANDARD HORIZON's award winning GPS Chart Plotters.


Full Function DSC

The most important reason to have a VHF radio on board your vessel is safety. The QUANTUM meets the internationally recognized requirements for RTCM SC-101 Digital Selective Calling. In an emergency the QUANTUM is capable of transmitting an automated Digital MAYDAY transmission that includes GPS position, date and time (when connected to GPS. The QUANTUM also can transmit & receive DSC Urgency, Safety, Group and Individual calls DSC Position Request and Send.

 Scan/Priority, Dual Watch, NOAA Weather Alert and more....

Scanning is a breeze using the dedicated MEM key which allows selections of channels you want to scan. The Quantum can be setup to scan any number of channels with or without priority channel. Want to scan between the user selectable Priority channel and another channel, simply rotate the channel selector knob to the working channel and press the DW key. The A/B key allows programming in two of the most used channels for quick and easy recall.

 30W PA and Fog Signaling

The QUANTUM has a 30 W Loud Hailer with 4 programmed Fog signals, Bells and Whistles even Listen back! Simply purchase one or two RAM+ mics and be able to control these functions remotely. The Quantum is so advanced it also allows you to control the fog horn frequency! When in the PA or Fog modes the receiving the last selected VHF channel or DSC calls is not problem.

 Unique Intercom System

There is no need for a dedicated Intercom system when you have the QUANTUM and RAM+ microphones! Want to talk from the QUANTUM to one RAM+ or both simultaneously or from a RAM+ to RAM+ or RAM+ and QUANTUM you can! STANDARD HORIZON has even built in a Calling feature that allows you to individual alert the QUANTUM or RAM+ from the station that is being used. Clearly the QUANTUM is the next step in communicating on your vessel.

 Commercial Design

Designed to take the day in and day out punishment the marine environment can dish out. The QUANTUM can take submersions or more likely direct water from waves crashing over the bow. Oversized knobs allows for easy adjusting of Volume, Squelch, channel changing and moving through radio and Digital Selective Calling functions. The LCD is one of the largest in the industry with 4 lines of Alpha-Numeric characters the boldly display channel names, DSC call information and even GPS position with Speed Over Ground and Course Over Ground. The standard hand microphone has a built in speaker and uses Noise canceling technology called ClearVoice for unsurpassed communications even in the noisiest environments. This microphone also has the capability to directly switch between channels 16 and 9, change channels with the large UP/Down keys and can be removed for storage.

 3 Year Waterproof Warranty

Because the QUANTUM is built better, it's backed better. If the STANDARD HORIZON QUANTUM fails for any reason (including water damage) during normal use for the first 3 years of ownership, STANDARD HORIZON will repair or replace it free, without hassles or charges. If it fails for anytime thereafter in normal use, for as long as the original purchaser owns the radio, STANDARD HORIZON's Lifetime Flat Rate and Customer Loyalty Service Programs will cover it.

 Award Winning VHF DSC polling

STANDARD HORIZON has pioneered the capability to poll (request and send) the GPS location of another vessel and show the position of that vessel on the VHF's display. Standard Horizon has taken this feature one step further, if any Standard Horizon GPS is connected to the QUANTUM the polled position of the vessel is shown on the display of the GPS chart plotter making it easy to navigate to the location of the polled vessel. This is a great feature for anyone wanting to know the position of another vessel.

 DUAL RAM+ Capable! Full Second Station with VHF, DSC, PA & IC Controls

The QUANTUM has the capability of being connected to TWO, Enhanced full-function, remote microphones (RAM+ Mic). This advance remote operates as a full second station to the QUANTUM at the fly bridge, cockpit, tower or location of your choice. The submersible RAM+ has a huge channel display, speaker microphone that allows the user to remotely control all VHF radio functions including PA and Hailer functions, Digital Selective Calling functions and can show channel names and repeat GPS information.

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    Standard Horizon Quantum     Sold Out! 

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