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Minn Kota Precision Digital Chargers

Minn Kota Precision Digital Chargers 

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Minn Kota Precision Digital Chargers

  • High Frequency Digital Design
  • Only 15 Amp true-rated output charger
  • -Highest output marine charger = fastest charge/recovery time of ANY charger
  • Automatic Equalization Technology
  • -Cleans and conditions batteries with each charge cycle
  • Deep Equalization Mode
  • -User selectable deep cleansing equalization
    • Extends battery life
    • Restores older batteries
    • Increases battery capacity

  • Low-line Voltage Compensation (down to 90 Volts)
  • the weight of traditional chargers
  • All Digital on-board chargers feature:
  • -Automatic Temperature Compensation
    -Maintenance mode time-out
    -Arc protected

    Intelligent Design
    User selectable battery type by bank
    -Full Equalize

    LED Display of:
    -% charged by bank
    -status/battery type

    DC Alternator Chargers
    Product ID Number Price Add to Cart
    Minn Kota MK-115PC Precision Digital Charger
    1 Bank x 15 Amps
    1821151 $249.00

    Minn Kota MK-230PC Precision Digital Charger
    2 Bank x 15 Amps
    1822301 $349.99

    Minn Kota MK-345PC Precision Digital Charger
    3 Bank x 15 Amps
    1823451 $449.99

    Minn Kota MK-460PC Precision Digital Charger
    4 Bank x 15 Amps
    1824601 $549.99

     Free Shipping to continental USA!  No sales tax outside of Nebraska.



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