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Garmin MapSource Fishing Hot Spots CD

FHS - Now with 200 NEW LAKES

CD with one region unlock  $99.99
Garmin Part Number: 010-10215-08

DISCONTINUED!  See the new Garmin Fishing Hot Spots CD/Data Card.

Garmin's updated MapSource™ Fishing Hot Spots coverage provides detailed lake information for hundreds of the most popular lakes in the United States and Canada.

Detailed maps provide valuable information such as shoreline detail, depth contours, navigation aids, boat ramps, and marinas, plus much more (see below). This map detail and data may be viewed on a personal computer and then downloaded to select Garmin GPS products or purchased on pre-programmed data cards.  Call for info (712) 204-3952.

Version 4.00 features include:

  • Trip and waypoint management functions**
  • Lake profile including size depth and source
  • Standing timber
  • Creek channels
  • Boating lanes
  • Bottom consistency (including weed growth)
  • Submerged roadbeds, fence rows and other structure
  • Rock piles
  • Access roads
  • Hazards
  • Suggested fishing areas and seasonal catching strategies
  • Lure selection tips

Not all features listed above are available for all lakes in Fishing Hot Spots.

MapSource Fishing Hot Spots provides coverage for selected lakes throughout the United States and Canada. Selected lakes are contained in predetermined geographical regions which must be unlocked prior to use. With the purchase of MapSource Fishing Hot Spots, customers will have access to one region of their choice at no additional charge. Unlocking a region can be done through Garmin via unlock web pages or by phone. Additional regions may be purchased through the same methods. Click on a region of the map on the bottom to view a complete list of the lakes and use the Map Viewer on this page to see the actual lake maps.

Please note: When using a locked MapSource product, the real-time track plotting function will work only with a valid unlock code for the GPS unit being used.

To find out more about this update, please see Garmin's Unlock page.

**These functions of this product work with nearly all Garmin GPS units, excluding the GPS100 family and panel mount aviation units. Some units require a Garmin data card to store map data.

Regions Map

Regional Map for Fishing Hot Spots



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Last modified:  June 24, 2015

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